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You invest a considerable amount of funds in Employee Assistance Program services each year, but are your employees actually taking full advantage of the resources available to them?


We Bring

the Engagement

The Healthtek team has been providing development and creative services for the insurance industry for over 20+ years. We’ve implemented custom portals which are used by thousands of companies, and well over half a million employees worldwide.

The portal is a user-friendly interface customizable to your company. It’s designed to showcase the EAP services available and educate employees.



Engagement Solutions

We’ve developed the Healthtek Portal as a subscription service to help address the common lack of employee engagement with EAP services, and are offering it directly to companies such as yours.

It’s an easy to use access point that links your employees to the EAP resources ready to support them. Your portal is customized specifically to meet your company’s needs.



Design and Delivery

When clients implement our solutions, they see a more than 300 percent increase in the utilization of EAP services on average. Some have even seen increases reach as high as 700 percent.

EAP services offer many benefits for both employees, and their companies. However unless employees are aware of these resources, and able to easily access them, then much of your investment goes unused.


Customizable For Your Company

Designed to showcase the EAP services available, as well as engage and educate employees.

Employees are given access to online learning sessions and tools, along with downloadable resources such as informational sheets and posters.

EAP services have the potential to enhance your employee’s wellbeing, development, and performance.

Healthtek Portal helps your team easily access and navigate the resources available to them, providing a healthy solution for both your employees, and your company’s bottom line.


Mobile Learning & Compliance Ecosystem

Todays employees are looking for assistance programs to be mobile first. The Healthtek Mobile family of apps deliver personalized experiences without compromising on the highest HIPAA, WCAG and PHI standards.


Gaming Calls to Action

Crafting engaging solutions that lead to on-going utilization is key. The Healthtek team calls upon three decades of game development experience to each and every one of your portal offerings.


Robust Partner Integration

Health and wellness encompasses a vast collection of service options. We understand that our client’s resources grow, shift and evolve with time. Healthtek mobile is designed to do match changing needs with ease.


Flexible Content Delivery

Engagement is not a one time event. It requires regularity, change and an ever evolving commitment to what is new and exciting in the world of wellness and healthcare. The Healthtek Monthly initiatives keep your content fresh and your message on point.

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