A New Type Of Incentive

Health Positive Points

Reward The Journey

Welcome to the 'Health Positive Points' incentive program designed to support and motivate your employees, members, or community on their health journeys.

With our program, every article read, poll answered, or video watched becomes an opportunity to earn points and unlock rewards.

Let's embark on a journey to better health together!
Health Positive Points
A Little

On How It Works


Step 1:

Creating Anonymous Avatars

Visitors are encouraged to create anonymous avatars to symbolize their presence and identity during their health journey.

Step 2:

Interacting with Health Content

These avatars have the freedom to explore, view, and engage with health-related content available on the portal at any time, day or night, using both mobile and desktop browsers.

Step 3:

Earning Health Positive Points

Every time an avatar reads an article, watches a video, or utilizes a service, they earn Health Positive Points associated with their anonymous identity.

Step 4:

Redeeming Rewards

Accumulated Health Positive Points can be exchanged by avatars for a variety of digital and physical rewards. These rewards are accessible through the Inspiration Market or other dedicated markets available on the platform.