Healthtek Mobile

Todays employees are looking for assistance programs to be mobile first.

The Healthtek Mobile family of apps deliver personalized experiences without compromising on the highest HIPAA, WCAG and PHI standards.

Custom Branding
Select insurer, company or 3rd party service branding options with ease.

As a premium business to business service, the Healthtek Mobile platform is designed to be white labeled. By company, client or a collection of brand offerings. Ensuring that employees are given their companies personal touch.

Flexible Pricing
Get a jump on the mobile market with costs that are easy to anticipate.

Offering cost effective seat, client or platform licensing models that guarantees your business has the freedom to grow without the fear of looming costs. Allowing for organic community growth as well as bursts in new business opportunities.

Constant Growth
Every client receives the very latest in feature & service offerings.

As a premium SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, the Healthtek Mobile platform is in constant growth. With new content features rolling out every week, month, quarter and season. Making sure every visitor remains engaged and utilizing your services.

Real-time reporting, with custom output options, never looked so good.

Every account delivers up-to-the-minute engagement data that can be shared, printed or downloaded. PDF and Powerpoint options slide right into your promotional decks with ease. Providing a complete, 360 degree, view of employee utilization.

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