Discord Web Integration


Immerse yourself in the realm of peer-to-peer support through our tailor-made Discord web interface, exclusively crafted for Healthtek Hubs.

This plugin eliminates all technical obstacles, enabling your members to effortlessly initiate conversations directly from their desktop of mobile devices.

They can engage with their colleagues, like-minded community members, or even a dedicated support team of your selection.


LIVIN with HOPE requires our award-winning Healthtek HUB enabling your business access to professional web services to this plugin and more.


Discord Web Interface
Experience peer-to-peer support like never before with our tailor-made Discord web interface. Connect with your community effortlessly, fostering a sense of togetherness, and enhancing your members' mental well-being.

Seamless Initiation
Our plugin removes technical barriers, allowing your members to start conversations with ease from any device. This simplicity ensures quick access to vital support and resources, making it convenient for your community to seek help.

Diverse Engagement
Engage with colleagues, like-minded community members, or a dedicated support team of your choice through our Discord interface. This versatility promotes networking, information sharing, and a sense of belonging, improving overall mental health.

Tailored for Healthtek Hubs
Our Discord web integration is exclusively crafted for Healthtek Hubs, ensuring that you receive a solution designed to meet your specific needs. This tailored approach enhances the effectiveness of your community support platform, benefiting both you and your members.

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