HealthEbooks Are Here!

In our ongoing effort to support your mission promoting health and well-being, we are thrilled to introduce an exciting addition to our services – the HealthEbook.

What Are HealthEbooks?

Healthtek Hubs harness cutting-edge web technology to create a dynamic portal experience, empowering patients, members, or employees to personalize their health journey based on individual preferences and goals.

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HealthEbooks Engage!

HealthEbooks are a versatile and dynamic solution in digital health communication, designed to make your health messages more engaging and impactful. They come in three tailored options: HealthEbooks, WorkBooks, and MiniBooks, each crafted to meet specific needs and objectives.

Our custom-built PDFs stand out by blending rich interactivity with informative content, utilizing top gamification practices to maximize user engagement.

These interactive eBooks are not just about reading; they're about experiencing and interacting, making health communication enjoyable.

Why HealthEbooks?

HealthEbooks are ideal for conveying important health messages and community information in a way that's both engaging and effective.

Whether it's for patient education, community health initiatives, or corporate wellness programs, HealthEbooks provide a unique digital experience that can significantly enhance your communication efforts.

Versatile Use Cases

We deliver your HealthEbook as a PDF that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing digital platforms. You can host it on your Hub site or, email it to your members, or even build your own promotional campaigns around them. The possibilities are vast, and we're excited to see how you'll leverage this new content service.