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Friday, November 17th - 4pm to 5pm (Pacific)

Mental Health in the Workplace with Counselor Bev

Join licensed counselor and mental health advocate Beverly for a one-hour presentation on Mental Health in the Workplace.

Join us for an engaging presentation by Counselor Bev, a certified mental health professional dedicated to promoting psychological well-being. With a PhD in Counseling and a robust history in mental health practice, Counselor Bev is an influential advocate and a guiding force in the field.

Her work as a counselor and as a practitioner with international exposure equips her with practical insights into mental health in professional environments. Her talk will address the vital role of mental health care in employee performance and organizational health.

Expect a transformative session with Counselor Bev, where she will share effective strategies for nurturing a supportive and mentally aware workplace culture.

Join us in our guided mental health journey on Zoom. It's an experience that's sure to enrich your personal growth journey.

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