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Guided Imagery | Mindfulness

Wednesday, August 23rd - 4pm to 5pm (Pacific)

Guided Imagery with Counselor Bev

Join licensed counselor and mental health advocate Beverly for a one-hour presentation on guided imagery and its benefits.

Guided Imagery is a therapeutic technique that harnesses the power of the mind to evoke positive sensory experiences, often in the form of vivid mental images.

Rooted in the principles of visualization and relaxation, this method involves guiding individuals through a series of imagined scenarios, often accompanied by calming music or nature sounds.

This event is being held in the #LIVINConnected Discord community.

The goal is to transport the individual to a peaceful and serene environment, allowing them to tap into their inner resources and innate healing abilities. By immersing oneself in these detailed mental images, individuals can experience reduced stress, improved emotional well-being, and enhanced physical health.

Guided Imagery is often used in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities and has been found effective in managing pain, anxiety, and promoting relaxation.

Join us in our guided imagery journey on Discord. It's an experience that's sure to enrich your personal growth journey.

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It's more than just a platform; it's a vibrant community where real-time interaction takes center stage.

The LIVINConnected Discord server is a dynamic space where members learn, share, and grow together, making every conversation meaningful and enriching.

By joining us on Discord, you won't just be learning about mindfulness; you'll be part of an engaged, supportive community.

Getting started with Discord is straightforward. You can use the web, desktop, or mobile version to create a free account, and join our server using this event invitation link.

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