Healthtek Creative is a healthcare solutions provider with over 30 years of experience in gamifying healthcare.


We offer Healthtek Hubs

With value added +Health Plugins


We work to improve community outcomes through the delivery of gamified solutions.

Meet Our Founders

Nicholas Murphy III

A principle and founder of Healthtek Creative. Drawing on over three decades of healthcare and technology platform delivery.

J. A. Ames

Mr. Ames brings more than forty years in systems development, platform management, and gaming architecture works.

Niraj Manandhar

Snr. Tech. Lead
Mr. Manandhar brings together the best of global banking and gaming platform delivery. With a 'can-do' spirit beyond measure.

Yonaton Hardisty

Mr. Hardisty brings a serial entrepreneurial spirit to the Healthtek team. With a specialty in verbosity beyond measure.

Out Mission

Quickly extend a client’s ability to stand up engagement platforms and improve the lives of their community.

What Sets Us Apart

We are technology agnostic with a focus on simplifying the patient experience to get your population services faster.

We offer a unique combination of technology and creativity to engage and motivate patients.

Our solutions are tailored to specific healthcare needs, resulting in better patient outcomes.

By Delivering

Innovative customized solutions to improve patient engagement and reduce the complexity of compliance.

Gamified approaches that enhance patient education that follow personalized health journeys which incentivize and activate behavioral change.

Employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the creation of content experiences that increase patient satisfaction, loyalty, and multilingual reach.