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Community is Everything


The Healthtek Creative team is enthusiastic about the intersection between gaming and healthcare.

We commit our efforts and resources to initiatives aligned with this interest, and we're excited to share some of these with you here.

Empowering communities to build hyper-local programs dedicated to cleaning, greening, and gleaning of private and public spaces.

A community is centered on building strength and adaptability among members through peer support and interactive services.

Prevent suicide by creating quality connections through everyday conversations about mental health, by way of programs and partnerships. Together we can affect the future!

Yon Hardisty

“'s dedication to greening our world is phenomenal, and I'm thrilled to contribute through weekend clean-ups, pocket park projects, and year-round food justice advocacy."


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Nicholas Murphy III

“The LIVIN Foundation shines a light on the power of connection, offering a haven where stories unite us and support is just a conversation away. Together, we're stronger."


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Upcoming Live Events

To further our mission, we extend an invitation to the global community to participate in our live events, which are dedicated to promoting our collective wellbeing.